How to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem.

How to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

How to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

If you come to Jerusalem on a Monday or Thursday, the days of the reading of the
Torah, you can hear the sounds of trumpets and feel the festive atmosphere.
A Bar Mitzvah is an exciting event marking the entrance into adulthood and
responsibilities. What better way than celebrating this moment in Jerusalem, the holy
Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate with family and/or friends in a fun
and meaningful way.
There are many options as to where to have the ceremony followed by a nice

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Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

The most obvious one is the Western Wall. At the southern tip of the kotel the
“Archeological Park” allows families to celebrate at the kotel in a non orthodox style.
You can also choose to rent a rooftop overlooking the kotel, the most famous one
being Aish Hatorah.
Lastly, there are a number of beautiful synagogues in and around the old city.
The Hurva Synagogue is beautiful and has a nice outdoor space. It also has a
balcony with a 360 degrees view of Jerusalem.

Visit Old City Synagogues

The 4 Sepharadi Synagogues originally built by jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition
offer a few choices for a real Jerusalem sefardi style Bar Mitzvah.
Yemin Moshe, a beautiful quaint neighborhood right across the walls of the old city is
another great place for a ceremony. Here you have a choice between the Ashkenaz
“Beit Yisrael” synagogue or The Great sepharadi synagogue.
After the reading of the Torah and having eaten something it is time for a fun and
worthwhile activity in jerusalem.
Here too, the choices are endless; it is best to choose an option according to the size
and average age of your group.

Old City Attractions For Bar Mitzvah

You can take a guided tour of the Western Wall tunnels which lasts up to an hour
and a half and brings you as close as possible to the Holy of Holies of the temple.
You can visit the city of David, located right outside the walls of the old city. Here,
kids and adults can enjoy walking in the 533 meters long water tunnels built over
2,500 years ago. In the summer months the cool water is very refreshing.
For a more interactive option you can choose from a choice of scavenger hunts
either in the jewish quarter of the old city, the Machane Yehuda Market or one of the
beautiful neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

Mazal tov on your Bar-Mitzvah!

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