Day tour from Tel Aviv to Caesarea – Haifa – Acre

Day tour from Tel Aviv to Caesarea – Haifa – Acre

Tel Aviv Tour

It is possible to discover the coastline of Israel in just one day including beaches,
history and breathtaking scenery.
Here is one way to do it:
Start your tour in Tel Aviv, one of the top ten beach cities according to Lonely Planet
with a satiating Israeli breakfast. You can eat on the beach, in the local market – the
Shuk Hacarmel – or on Rothschild Avenue. Spend a bit more time here and enjoy the street art scene, with world-famous artists
by walking around the Neve Tzedek, Florentine, or Nachalat Binyamin

Caesarea Tour

Continue your day tour by heading north to Caesare, and visit the ruins of the magnificent coastal city built by Herod the Great over 2000 years ago. The port built by Herod was the largest artificial harbor of the time. The roman theater and the panoramic observation points from Herod’s palace are just some of the major points of interest in Caesare. You also don’t want to miss out on the Crusader wall promenade.

After leaving the national park, on a hot day, you can take a quick dip in one of the beautiful beaches nearby.

Haifa Tour

Haifa, your next destination is only thirty minutes away. It is the third-largest city in Israel and lies on the slopes of Mount Carmel. Start your visit at the Bahai gardens and make your way down the nineteen terraces. At the center is the golden-domed Shrine of the Báb, the first prophet, and initiator of the Baha’i religion.
From there continue walking through the German Colony, a historical neighborhood established in 1868 by the Templars. They believed settling in the land of Israel would hasten the second coming of Christ.

Acre Tour

Your next and final stop, the mixed city of Acre will not disappoint. and discover a
mix of charming markets, enchanting mosques, crusader architecture, and cheerful
You can visit the Al Jazzar Mosque, walk through the Templar’s tunnels or see the 19th-century cannons used in the war against Napoleon.
The citadel built on the ruins of the crusaders’ fortress then became a palace before being used as a prison during the British mandate. Rich in history, this citadel is definitely worth the visit.
For a perfect end of this coastal day tour, enjoy a nice dinner in Acre with fresh fish while watching the sunset over the water.

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