Where to go during Christmas in Israel

Where to go during Christmas in Israel

Where to go during Christmas in Israel

Although it does not often snow on Christmas in Israel, it is a place of choice to
celebrate this holiday. After all, wasn’t Jesus born here?
Indeed, every year many tourists from all over the world come to Israel to feel closer
to Jesus on the day we commemorate his birth.
Whether you choose to go to Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem or even Haifa you are
sure to find many things to do and see.

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The most obvious place to start is Bethlehem, the city of birth of Jesus. A huge tree
is placed on Manger square and on Christmas Eve the whole city celebrates with a
parade, candies and Santa Claus.
Of course the midnight mass in the church of the Nativity, is the highlight of this
holiday in Bethlehem. The entry tickets are limited but the Manger square stays
packed with people.
Another option is to go to the midnight mass that takes place in the shepherds field
right near bethlehem.


Be sure not to miss the Christmas market and the Christmas concert held every year
in the YMCA. Here one can get a real feel of European Christmas.
If you walk around the Christian and Armenian quarters in the old city you will see
and feel the festivities from the beginning of December. Here too you can enjoy
some concerts and a variety of options for the midnight mass.
If you want to feel history coming to life, head to the Holy Sepulchre, the place where
Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. Here you will celebrate Christmas in the
most unique way possible.


With a population of about 80,000 people, of whom 30 percent christians, you can feel Christmas at every street corner of Nazareth. The weeks leading to Christmas you can already feel the excitement as many devout christians decorate their tree and their home. The whole city is shining with the lights of the street decorations as well as Nazareth’s two big trees. The parade on Christmas Eve is very animated and you can attend the midnight mass both in the catholic and the orthodox church of Annunciation.


As the most religiously and culturally diverse city in Israel, Haifa celebrates “The Holiday of Holidays” every year throughout the whole month of September. This month long festival aims to celebrate the holidays of all three major religions found in Haifa: Islam, christianity and Judaism. THe iconic roundabout with the tree, the menorah and the arab star is located at the center of the festivities where the german colony, the bahai gardens and the wadi nisnas neighborhood meet.


The small winding alleys of Jaffa are decorated with Christmas trees and light
making it a picturesque place to walk around. On December 5th the bigger tree near
the Clock tower is lit. During the month of December the Christmas market takes
place right by the Jaffa port.
For a less crowded midnight mass than Bethlehem or Jerusalem head to Jaffa’s
most famous church: St Peter’s church.
Weather in the rain, the snow or a nice sunny day celebrating Christmas is a
delightful experience where festivities and holiness meet

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