6 days tour program to Israel

6 Days Tour Program to Israel

6 Days Tour Program to Israel

Although very small in size Israel has a lot to offer for first time as well as returning
visitors. If you can only take a week off to come visit this beautiful country do not
worry. This post will help you get the most out of your trip to israel in just 6 days.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Tel Aviv

Welcome to Israel! As soon as you have landed and collected your luggage you can
easily take the train to Tel Aviv, check in at your hotel and relax on the beach before
hitting town.
If the beach is not your thing or if the weather does not allow it you can walk around
the bustling but relaxing streets of Tel Aviv. Sit down at one of the numerous cafes
and do some people-watching.
Don’t forget to go to Jaffa to enjoy a breathtaking view of Tel Aviv and walk around its
small winding alleys.
In the evening there are endless options for drinks, dancing or just a fun night out in
the white city.

Day 2: Caesare - Haifa - Akko

Today we will discover sites along the coastline of Israel that are both historical and
In Caesare you will visit the ruins of the magnificent coastal city built by Herod the
Great over 2000 years ago. The Roman theater and the panoramic observation
points from Herod’s palace are just some of the major points of interest in Caesare.
Haifa, your next destination, lies on the slopes of Mount Carmel. Start your visit at
the Bahai gardens and make your way down to the German Colony, a historical
neighborhood established in 1868 by the Templars.
Your next and final stop, the mixed city of Acre will not disappoint. Enjoy walking
around and discovering a mix of charming markets, enchanting mosques, crusader
architecture, and cheerful people.

Day 3: Around the Sea of Galilee

At around 200 meters below sea level, the sea of Galilee always seems so peaceful. In addition the Golan mountains which have not been invaded by hotels give it an enchanting feel. Along the west coast of the Sea of Galilee there are many beautiful and worthwhile christians sites to visit such as Capernaum, the city of Jesus or the Beatitude Monastery. Many jews also come to the numerous tombstones of holy rabbis buried in and around Tiberias.

Day 4: Jerusalem - The New City

Early in the morning start your two hour drive to the holy city of Jerusalem.
Start your day with a visit of Yad Vashem, the largest holocaust musem in Israel.
Take your time strolling through modern Jerusalem, from its center around Jaffa
street all the way to the first station complex near the German colony.
Enjoying some time at the Mahané Yehuda market is a must. During the day, the
market offers plenty of fresh produce, spices and even cookware. At night it is
bustling with bars, restaurants and young people out for the night.

Day 5: Jerusalem - The Old City

Take this day to visit the old city of Jerusalem along with the Mount of olives. You can
choose to do so with a guide or on your own. Either way, be prepared to walk a lot.
The old city is divided into four quarters (christian, muslim, armenian and jewish) all
of them rich in history and culture. The endless quaint small alleys will transport you
in time and in scenery.

Day 6: Masada, Dead sea

For your last day in Israel we are heading to the desert.
The first stop is the Masada fortress also built by Herod the Great and tragically
fallen to the hands of the Romans in 74 ac. Here the stones speak stories of 2000
years ago and the views of the dead sea and Jordan are breathtaking.
You can choose between hiking or using the cable car to ascend or descend the
mountain just beware of the hot weather.
End your trip with a dip in the dead sea, the lowest body of water on earth. Thanks to
its high percentage of salinity, you can effortlessly float in the water. Be ready to relax
while admiring the Judean and Jordanian mountains.

Enjoy your stay in Israel

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