The 6 best wineries in Israel

The 6 best wineries in Israel

The 6 best wineries in Israel

Israel counts many wineries which are mostly found in the following three areas: the
Golan Heights, the Judean Hills and the Upper Galilee.
Here are the 6 best wineries to visit in Israel:

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Domaine du Castel

With the advantage of being located a short drive from Jerusalem, this winery is a
must for visitors that can’t make it to the North of Israel.
The castel winery carries some of Israel’s finest wines. Here everything is idyllic
including the wine, the cheese and the stunning views.

Golan Heights

The lush green surrounding the winery as well as the wine and the people will give
you a small feel of Tuscany.
The Golan Heights winery offers a varied selection of tasting, culinary and
agricultural tours suited for families, groups or even couples.


This winery is centered around the Flam family; they have managed to create a very
friendly and intimate atmosphere.
After the tour you can sit on the deck which offers a panoramic view of the Judean
Hills in a peaceful environment.


At the end of the 19th century the first modern vineyard in Israel was planted and
100 years later, in the same place, the Tishbi winery opened and became one of the largest wineries in Israel.
Here you can combine your wine tasting tour with a chocolate tasting tour from the
French brand, Valrhona. Yum.


At the same time a winery and a distillery, the Pelter Winery located in the Golan
Heights will make you travel.
The homemade goat cheese served with the wine is just one of the many reasons
this place is in our list.


The Tulip winery sells its wine in many countries outside of Israel, but it is not the
only reason why they are so famous.
It is located right near Kfar Tikva, the Village of Hope which stands as a home and a
community for adults with disabilities. The winery prides itself for employing and
integrating members of the special needs community.
From the desert to the lush plains of the Golan Heights Israel offers plenty of great
wineries for amateurs as well as connaisseurs so have fun!

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