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08 May 2013

The breathtaking sites and the hidden gemstones of the desert are a red carpet for a unique romantic experience that is surpassed by none. JW Tours seeks to become the leading tourist company in the Dead Sea and the Negev. We strive to lead a revolution in service for tourists arriving in Israel, whether they are here for a single day or several weeks, starting with their arrival and up to their departure. David Ben Gurion’s vision to make the desert bloom is an integral part of each of our employees’ vision to advance and transform tourism in the Dead Sea and the desert into an inseparable component of everyone’s visit in Israel. We are at your service.

We would love to invite you and be your house in IsraelHave a great and enjoyable vacation The JW Tours team

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08 May 2013
Мы доставим вас на отдых в самое низкое место в мире с самым высоким уровнем обслуживания. Отличная возможность для ищущих умиротворения и тех, кого вдохновляет спокойствие пустыни. 1)      Лечение на мертвом море

2)      Отдых на Мертвом море

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08 May 2013

Our trips to the neighboring Kingdom of Jordan are a wonderful addition to your vacation in Israel. It’s just an easy passage across the border and you experience many incredible sights from the Nabatean city of Petra and much more.  Israel shares borders with Jordan and Egypt, which have sites that are unique and some are among the wonders of the world. The proximity to these countries opens a great opportunity to see the fascinating sites that are within a short distance for one or two day trip or two / three days with a local guide speaking the language. You can join an organized group or book a private tour, you will be in an air-conditionedvehicle accompanied by a guide. The tours are tailored by the ability of the travelers and are suitable for ages 7-77. These countries are characterized by warm weather and often heat up considerably during the summer, please take this into account in planning the trip. Recommended travel is between the months of October to early June. Day Trip to Petra The trip to Petra begins south of the border of Eilat, where you will meet a representative of JW TOURS that will accompany the group at the border, from there you will take a bus to Aqaba, Jordan. The bus will wait for a local guide, who is licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism. The tour begins with a trip to the Rose City, Petra, the guide will teach and explain aboutKingdom of Jordan, the people, culture and customs. During the trip we will see the Wadi Ram, the most beautiful valley in the Arab countries and one of the largest. We will enjoy a unique desert landscape that boasts a unique desert red color of sand with tendentious rocks that etch the granite mountains and astonish all who view this geological wonder. The peak of the experience is when we arrive at Petra city, which was hidden in the crevices of Wadi Musa over 2000 years ago. Here an ancient nomadic culture began and became to a rich and glorious city of traders moving in the desert. We will disembark to experience this unique city on foot. We will explore secret passages, aqueducts, fortresses and theaters with impressive tombs with incredible might, which will display an exciting and wonderful picture of an ancient culture and desert. After walking for about an hour and a half (one can rent mules and wagons) we can see this desert wonder, we will visit the rock-carved city with longstanding history and learn about the fascinating culture of the Nabateans in this area. At the end of the tour we will drive to Petra with a local restaurant serving fascinating Jordanian cuisine that is known for strong authentic spices that delight every palate. We will end the day back to the border, Aqaba – Eilat accompanied by the local representative, we will drive back to Israel for the next destination. The beginning of the day will start at the border between Israel and Jordan, accompanied by a local representative. At the end of the proceedings and stamping of passports, we will meet the local licensed guide and the driver for the day trip to Jordan. The visit to the Hashemite Kingdom will start with brief explanation of the state, the fascinating culture and customs of the local population. Our next destination will be Wadi Ram, one of the most beautiful and unique sites in theMiddle East, upon reaching the area, we will board Jeeps in a trip which will take us through the hills and rocky giant that are part of the valley are part of the picture of the place. This amazing piece of desert became a tourist attraction and is used as for photography for famous Hollywood movies. We then return back to Aqaba to check in and eat dinner at a local hotel. The hotel is accessible to the many vibrant options that are available within a short walk. The next morning we leave the hotel after breakfast to visit the flea market, local port or even photograph the world’s tallest flag located not far from the Summer Palace of the King of Jordan. But the main goal is to visit Wadi Ram, one of the most beautiful and unique in the Middle East, we will be able to even rent a jeep and hear about this amazing piece of desert from a licensed professional desert guide of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism. The next day will be devoted to a visit to Petra; the guide will assemble and accompany the client to an ancient city that is 2,000 years old. We believe that this experience is a must for anyone visiting the Middle East, the whole culture of the silk roads and the biblical perfume trade developed from there. Even the Roman Empire was jealous and tried to conquer them. You will hear stories of wars, secret treasures, and the quarrying of the red city in the desert from the best guides in Jordan. The return is planned for the evening hours. Three days trip to Jordan Prepared yourself for three exciting and fun days in the Hashemite Kingdom ofJordan, We will start by crossing the border checkpoint between Israel and Jordan, we arrive at the Jordanian side, where the representative will be waiting to help in the transition and at the end of the proceedings will introduce you to the local guide and driver who will accompany the trip in the next three days. We will start with a visit to Wadi Ram, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jordan with archeology and history of many years. There are several options for tours: A jeep tour guide accompanied by a guide for three hours to explore the valley and the best-known sites. In addition, you can also ride the camels for a time to be determined in advance. Another option is to stay sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin tent with an authentic meal around a campfire accompanied by Arabic music, depending on the weather. At the end of the visit we will return to Aqaba for sightseeing in the city and continue to check in at the hotel and a traditional dinner. It is recommended to enjoy the nightlife out in town. After breakfast we leave the hotel for a special and exciting day visiting the Rose City – Petra. The guide will take through thousands of years back in time to the ancient city that is 2,000 years old. This experience is a must for anyone visiting the Middle East, and to know the place where the silk routes and biblical perfume trade culture has developed. When we get to Petra, we will explore crevices and hear from the guide the stories of wars, secret treasures, and the quarrying of the red city in the desert. The descriptions are numerous, but leave the power and beauty of the place to overwhelm you. After the visit, we will sleep and dine at the hotel in Petra. After breakfast we leave the hotel and drive north. We will visit the city of Madaba At the end of the visit we will visit Jerash, the second most popular in Jordan. It has an amazing sequence of settlement of thousands of years. Jerash has preserved and restored ruins of a Hellenic Roman City. At the end of the day we reach the border.

We would love to invite you and be your house in Israel Have a great and enjoyable vacation The JW Tours team

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