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Treatment at the Dead Sea

Spa treatment at the resort of Ein Bokek (Dead Sea), consulting, health treatments and trips to Israel. We offer rest and improve your health in the resort of Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea. We will recommend a decent hotel in accordance with your wishes, choose a health or medical course at the clinic, we will offer a range of day trips in Israel, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, in the Galilee, and other cities.


Vacation Packages at the Dead Sea

Special rates for stays of minimum 7 nights

We offer rest and improve the health in the resort of Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea, an unique natural clinic, located at 420 m below sea level.

During the stay we offer a large selection of one-day trips to Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Massada and other regions. And anyone can get advice from experts on climate-therapy the clinic at the Dead Sea and take a course of treatments.

33текст2 Therapeutic programs at the Dead Sea The microclimate of the Dead Sea is unique in that a beneficial effect on patients in the treatment of many diseases of the various fields. The list of integrated treatment programs at the Dead Sea is presented in this section. After a consultation with a specialist adjusted individual course of treatment and its cost.



Features of treatment at the Dead Sea

Dead Sea water is characterized by high density and very high content of potassium, iodine, bromine, magnesium and other beneficial health effects of chemical elements. That is why the water of the Dead Sea effect on a person is very beneficial – after the salt bath the skin becomes smooth and healthy, the body relaxes, the metabolism is restored.



Clinics Dead Sea SPA hotels

Dead Sea clinic offering individual treatments and individually tailored treatments to patients suffering from various diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal, respiratory tract. In balneological hospitals developed and successfully implemented comprehensive individual therapeutic programs for the treatment of various pathologies.



Recommendations for patients:

Treatment at the Dead Sea, as well as any other treatment, the patient requires careful attention to your body. Here are the indications and contraindications to treatment at the Dead Sea, which must be considered in order to achieve maximum effect and to avoid unintended consequences.


33текст6 Things to do on the Dead Sea in your free time: In his spare time to rest and treatment at the Dead Sea you can go on exciting day trips to Israel to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Eilat, Galilee. The neighborhood of the Dead Sea is also full of attractions: the fortress of Masada, the biblical nature reserve of Ein Gedi, Qumran National Archaeological Park, where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls.