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Tours to Tel Aviv – Diamond Exchange

Free introductory tour of Jaffa and Tel Aviv with a visit to the Museum of diamonds named in honor of Harry Oppenheimer and showrooms Israel Diamond Exchange. Consultation with specialists, buying jewelry and diamonds at factory price.

Tourists are invited to a free tour of the Jaffa and Tel Aviv with a visit to the Museum of diamonds named in honor of Harry Oppenheimer and showrooms of companies – members of the Israel Diamond Exchange, where you can get advice and buy jewelry at prices from the manufacturer.


A wide selection of jewelry with precious stones and diamonds, pearls, gifts, original design, and  the opportunity to purchase a separate diamonds and other precious stones. Each product has an international warranty that is recognized throughout the world and shall be returned at the airport tax (Tax Free).

Tours booking must be made through a travel agent.

Consultation with a specialist

Those who want to buy diamonds as decoration or for a secure investment, can get expert advice of one of the member companies of the Israel Diamond Exchange and purchase high-quality diamonds “first hand” directly from the company – a supplier. All diamonds are provided with certificates of gemological laboratories and have an international warranty. If necessary, provides complete privacy.

Tour of Diamond Exchange

For those who wish to visit in the Israel Diamond Exchange complex given the opportunity to see for themselves how multi-million deal in the sales area, visit the office of one of the member companies of the exchange. In connection with a strict pass system in office buildings Diamond Exchange, you must apply in advance for a visit.

Order to visit must be made through a travel agent.

Israeli Diamond Industry

One of the trademarks of Israel’s diamond industry is based on centuries of glory Jewish diamond cutters and unique modern technologies of processing of diamonds, developed by Israeli scientists.

The diamond industry – a special branch that unites individual producers in different countries in one of the most successful businesses in the world. In some countries, the diamonds mined in the other – are processed and sold in the third – create jewelry. All mined diamonds and diamonds are sold through five global diamond exchanges, one of which is located in Israel and is one of the leading places in the world in terms of processing of diamonds and diamond sales. Jewish diamond cutters and jewelers have always been famous for their high skills and quality of work and the tradition saved and increased in Israel today, using modern technology and the development of Israeli academics. Today the Israeli Diamond Exchange – is one of the largest centers of diamond trade in the world and accounts for up to 60% of the worldwide turnover of the legitimate diamonds.

The Israeli Diamond Exchange – a real “state within a state.” It is a complex of four high-rise buildings, which are more than a thousand companies’ offices – members of the exchange, a hall for the negotiation and conclusion of wholesale transactions, businesses in diamond cutting, jewelry stores and showrooms, diamond museum named in honor Harry Oppenheimer, banks, customs controls, medical center, houses of worship, shops, restaurants and cafes.

For membership of the Israel Diamond Exchange must meet strict selection criteria – availability of recommendations of the four current members of the stock exchange and a lot of experience in this field.

Come here every day, more than 6,000 buyers from around the world to buy diamonds, many of which carry in their case precious stone worth around millions of dollars. Therefore, the Israel Diamond Exchange complex is equipped with ultra-modern security system, you can get there only by invitation of the member exchanges and to conduct a thorough inspection of documents visitor.

“From the adamant to the diamond” – DiamondMuseum named in honor of Harry Oppenheimer.

HarryOppenheimerDiamondMuseum, located on the campus of the Israeli Diamond Exchange. It was opened in the mid of 80-ies of the last century and is dedicated to the place and role of diamonds in the history of mankind. The museum is named in honor of the president of the company, “De Beers” Harry Oppenheimer, the largest company in the world in the production of diamonds. DiamondMuseum invites visitors on an exciting interactive journey towards becoming a natural adamant into a sparkling diamond. Visitors will learn about the process of the formation of adamant, the characteristics of their production, cutting and polishing stages, transforming them into multi-faceted diamonds. Dashboards, video, multimedia tools allow the most fully appreciate the beauty and elegance of the valuable mineral on earth – the diamond.

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