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Tours to Jordan

“The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” – a three-day group tour to Jordan from Israel’s with departure from Eilat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Netanya. Regular three-day tour of historic sites in Jordan, visiting the ancient Jerash and mosaic map of the Holy Land in Madaba, Mount Nebo and the Nabataean capital – Petra.

Tour “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”

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The trip to Jordan for 3 days

Jerash – Greco-Roman city (the ancient Gerasa.) A sightseeing tour of Amman. Madaba, “the City of Mosaics”. Mount Nebo – the alleged burial place of the prophet Moses. Peter – the capital of the Nabataean kingdom. Accommodation in Amman Returning to Israel. Moving to Eilat / Jerusalem / Tel Aviv.

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Jordan – an exotic country with breathtaking desert views, colorful culture and many historical and Christian sites. Here you will visit Jerash – city of the Roman Empire, the Orthodox Church in Madaba, Mount Nebo, from which the prophet Moses surveyed the Promised Land, Kerak – the legendary castle maze, Crusader fortress, and of course the ancient Nabatean city of Petra.


Petra – the capital of the Nabataean kingdom – this is definitely a gem of Jordan. City carved out of red rocks, is famous for its temples, majestic tombs and brilliant engineering structures. It is assumed that Petra was the last intermediate parking area three Magi, who took frankincense, gold and myrrh to honor the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.


Jerash (the ancient Gerasa), the ancient Greek-Roman city, which is still perfectly preserved monuments. The temple complex with fifteen churches with Byzantine mosaics. Fountain yard – the place at which the Byzantines every year celebrated miracle of turning water into wine, which came by Jesus Christ.


Amman – Jordan’s capital and its largest city with a population of about 2.5 million (2008). In ancient times the city was known as Rabbath-Ammon, and was a member of the Arab Caliphate, and then to the Ottoman Empire. The city was originally built on seven hills and is often called the “White City” because of its architecture primarily white. In Amman, many museums and historical sites.


About 30 kilometers south of Amman, lies the town Madaba – one of the most famous sites of Jordan. Here is the Christian Church of St.. George, where it is stored authentic and the oldest map of the Holy Land. The city has a large number of mosaics, and the famous archaeological park with the ruins of churches and houses of the Byzantine period.

Mount Nebo

Not far from the town of Madaba there is a mountain Nebo – the alleged burial place of the prophet Moses. It has a beautiful view of Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.


Castle Maze El Kerak, located at a height of more than three thousand meters above sea level, contains a variety of galleries, secret passages and towers, is well preserved and is of great interest to tourists. The castle has a dark history that claimed countless lives.


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