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Tours to cities of the Coast

Regular one-day group tours to cities in the Mediterranean coast in small groups of up to 16 people. Tours in Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa, to Haifa, Acre and grottoes Rosh Hanikra.

Cities of the Mediterranean coast
Caesarea – a port city, commercial and cultural center of the Roman Empire, built by King Herod, the residence of the Roman procurators. According to legend, this is a place where the Crusaders kept the Grail and hence have taken her to Europe.

Haifa (tour) – a city rich in history, the world center of the Bahai religion with famous gardens and the center of the Order of Carmelites. Mount Carmel (Carmel) to the cave of the prophet Elijah.

History of the German Colony in Haifa

Acre – a city with a long history: in ancient Egyptian papyrus 19. BC found mention of this city, and in the 12th century the city became the capital of the Crusader kingdom. Visit the underground halls of chivalry. OldCity of Acre is on the list of cities under the auspices of UNESCO

Attending religious neighborhoods, churches, mosques, synagogues – just in clothing that covers the shoulders and knees

Tour is conducted      on Wednesdays

 Price per person $ 95

Tel Aviv – Jaffa (a half-day city tour – a gift from the Diamond Exchange)
старый яффоOld Jaffa (Joppa), where according to legend, Noah built his ark and Perseus freed Andromeda. Walking along the streets that recall and Alexander the Great, and Richard the Lionheart, and Napoleon. Here begins the pilgrimage route to Jerusalem. Tel Aviv – a cultural and tourist center of Israel. The Israeli Diamond Exchange, one of the largest in the world. “From the adamant to the diamond” – a private museum, which opened in memory of Baron Oppenheimer, the founder of “De Beers”. A visit to the exhibition hall, where sales consultants will help buy jewelry world famous Israeli jewelers.
 Tour departs daily except Saturday
 A gift from the Diamond Exchange

Additional excursions on request:
Evening Jaffa and stroll in the Old Port
From ancient to modern skyscrapers port (Tel-Aviv. Jaffa)
Tel Aviv and the Masons
Old Jaffa, the ancient port, “flea” market
The many faces of Haifa
Mysteries of ancient Acre
Akko – the capital of the Crusader Kingdom
Rosh Hanikra Grottoes


1. For children up to 12 years – 10% discount. When ordering excursions to the child it is necessary to indicate beforehand his age, because for children under 3 years existence in car special seat for child is mandatory.

2. The cost of one-day excursions include visits which are paid.

3. Attending religious neighborhoods, churches, mosques, synagogues and holy sites – only in modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

4. The Company reserves the right to make minor changes to routes excursions.

* Subject to change in the schedule of trips on public, religious, Jewish and Christian holidays.

5. Perhaps waiting out on a tour to 20 minutes.

6. The Company is not liable for damages in case of force majeure, natural disasters, unexpected delays on the roads and the like, as well as the loss of documents or money during the tour.

7. Collect a tour of the hotels reserved for the tourists staying in West Jerusalem. If staying in hotels in East Jerusalem and the OldCity tourists get yourself to a place of gathering in one of the hotels in West Jerusalem.

8. Terms cancel the tour:

– Failure to appear, or if you miss the tour, no refund;

– At less than 48 hours before the tour is held 50% of its value.

– At less than 24 hours before the tour is held 100% of its value.