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Tours of Tel Aviv

Excursions to historical and cultural attractions of Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa.

тель-авивLargest city in Israel translated like a “The hill of spring”. Founded in 1909 as a suburb of ancient Jaffa, Tel Aviv is now recognized as a cultural, tourist and industrial center of Israel. In Tel Aviv located the famous Museum of the Diaspora, which are unique, world-renowned philharmonic orchestra and the famous Diamond Exchange.

Tel Aviv – the city of many faces, combining history and the present day country. Israeli

cultural center, Tel Aviv is not only the focus of finance, fashion, Industry and Trade of Israel, but also an entertainment center with unimaginable number of cafes and restaurants per square meter of pavement and clubs that are open until sunrise. It is very comfortably walk through the city, despite the hustle and bustle, and its considerable size does not detract from the merits of the resort, and even those who arrive in Tel Aviv on business can afford to relax.

In 1950, to Tel Aviv joined one of the oldest ports in the world – the old Jaffa, founded 6,500 years ago. In different historical times, the city conquered by Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, the Turkish sultans, Napoleon. Jaffa is proud not only by ship and fishing ports, but also excellent fish restaurants. Interest to tourists are the ancient port, the ArchaeologicalMuseum, the Church of St.Peter and sculpture garden on a hillside.

Visitors to the city are always, no matter the time of year, can enjoy a stroll through the old Jaffa and Tel Aviv’s promenade, from visiting a variety of museums, theaters and galleries. In Tel Aviv and Jaffa are dozens of nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, pubs and bars that are open all day, giving another name to Tel Aviv – “City without a break.”