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The Dead Sea


       The Dead Sea, formed over two million years ago, is located at the bottom of the fault at a depth of 400 m below sea level. This place has the highest atmospheric pressure on Earth and the oxygen content is 15% higher this index on the Mediterranean. The salt concentration is 30%, so the sea is practically no life and it is impossible to sink.

      The resort area covers the western shore of the Dead Sea from the mouth of the Jordan River in the north to the south of Sodom. There are numerous hotels and famous overseas clinics for the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, pulmonary disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

      Moving from north to south, you can get into the gorge Qumran, where in 1947 archaeologists found in the caves of the monastery the sect of the Essenes, Jesus’ contemporaries, scrolls with Biblical texts, 1,000 years older than previously known 1947 copies of the Old Testament.

     To the south of Qumran is a modern sanctuary – the biblical oasis of Ein Gedi. Near the Ein Gedi in the Judean Hills is located secluded mountain plateau, where Herod the Great built a fortress of Masada, which is famous for the fact that during the revolt against the Romans, the Jewish rebels did not surrender to the enemy and fought till the last soldier, and the survivors committed suicide .

      Further south, near the Dead Sea, lies the city of Arad, known for its unique clean and dry air, which contributes to the successful treatment of asthma.

      In the mountains of the central Negev is the largest basin in Israel – Mitzpe Ramon canyon. The depth of the fault reaches 500 meters in length – 35 km, width – 8 km. Canyon impresses with its grandeur and beauty.

     The Dead Sea – the perfect place for entertaining, relaxing and comfortable treatment. Tourists from all over the world use its unique advantages: warm sea water of healing, therapeutic mud, medical sources of geothermal water, sun and fresh air. Great choice of hotels that have indoor swimming pools with heated water from the Dead Sea, ensures a comfortable stay. Here everyone will find something to your taste: a good time at the hotel or activities: skating on the mini-tractors and a jeep on the hard to reach places of the desert, climbing into the mysterious caves and gorges, walking through nature reserves. Someone like a skilled cosmetic treatment in the hotel, while others prefer ride by a camel to Bedouin tent, where he was waiting for the traditional treat.