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Sights of the Dead Sea

   Sights and attractions the Dead Sea, which we recommend to visit during your tour of Israel, parks, nature reserves, historic sites and views.

  Botanical Garden “Ein Gedi”

  Botanical Garden “Ein Gedi” has a huge collection of plants from five continents. Here are typical representatives of the flora of Israel – pomegranate, olive and fig trees are combined with tropical plants from Madagascar, plants from Australia grow together with African palm trees and local desert plants (for example, “apple of Sodom”). Botanical Garden “Ein Gedi” – a celebration of plants and beauty.

  Mount Sodom

  Mount Sodom – unique and one of a kind. It extended along the coast of the Dead Sea is almost entirely composed of rock salt. Mount Sodom is located below sea level, and it has a lot of natural caves. This place is associated with the biblical description of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Near the cave is a free-standing rock “Lot’s wife.” By giving – is a pillar of salt, which has become a woman, disobeyed the order of God.

  Reserve “Ein Gedi”

  Oasis of Ein Gedi – one of the most visited sanctuaries of Israel. Lush greenery and waterfalls close here to lifeless rocks. Through the nature reserve of Ein Gedi flow four stream: David, Arugot, Shulamit and Ein Gedi. The reserve is rich in flora and fauna. Through the “Ein Gedi” passes several hiking trails, easy for children and more severe and lasting for lovers of long walks.

  Reserve “Einot Tsukim”

  Reserve Einot Tsukim – the lowest nature reserve in the world. The reserve is located in an area where once was the Dead Sea. Within the reserve there are many springs of fresh water, which form small lakes and streams. The presence of water contributes to the development of vegetation, so there is lush vegetation and a variety of animals, some of which are protected by the state.

  Sound and light performance of at Masada

  A giant sound and light show – it’s colorful and dramatic story of the history of the fortress of Masada and the last days of her defenders. The projection on the walls of rock in an open-air amphitheater, located at the western entrance (entrance from the town of Arad). The light and the night sky to create a unique illusion of presence at the events that took place in the 1st century BC. The show is held in the summer months. You should arrive 30 minutes before the start.


  Masada – a legendary fortress built by King Herod at an altitude of 400 meters above the Dead Sea. Archaeologists have found the ruins of the baths and pools for bathing, as well as hundreds of ceramic vessels for the storage of a large number of food. At Masada was built a unique system of water supply. Masada became a symbol of Jewish heroism in the revolt against the Romans in the 1st century AD.

  Park Qumran

  Qumran is located in the northern part of the Dead Sea. This is the place where you took the most important archaeological find of mankind – The Dead Sea Scrolls. In the archaeological park are digging Essenes’s residence. The Dead Sea Scrolls is not only confirm the authenticity of the texts of the Old Testament, but the text of the book of the Apocalypse too. It is also surprising Essenes’s predictions about the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, and the fact that their manuscripts will be found through the years 2000, when the newly arise in the land the Jewish state.

  Ahava cosmetics factory

  Ahava cosmetics factory produces cosmetics based muds and minerals that are world renown. It is possible to visit the Ahab factory during trips to the Dead Sea. In the factory, you can see the process of creating a unique Dead Sea cosmetics and buy Dead Sea mud, creams, peels and masks for face and body.