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Sights of the coast cities

The Bahai Gardens

Harmony and beauty – that these words can describe the BahaiGardens in Haifa. They descend the slope of Mount Carmel in the sea, separated by a lovely terrace with fountains, affecting its symmetry and beauty. Bahai Gardens in Haifa is one of the most visited places on the Mediterranean coast, every year more than a million tourists come here for the tour, many return here again and again.

Zichron Yaakov

At the southern end of Mount Carmel, spread a small town of Zichron Yaakov, which is unusual for its history and its appearance. Baron E. de Rothschild patronized this small town, which served as its prosperity. In Zichron Yaakov is a park where he buried the Baron and his wife. The city annually hosts the Festival of wines and interesting exhibitions and festivals.


Caesarea – an ancient city located on the Mediterranean coast.

This place attracts tourists and Israelis to their history, interesting festivals and pageants, which are regularly held here during the holidays, as well as an amphitheater where live music from around the world.

Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery

Mount Carmel is considered a sacred place. It is believed that on this mountain Elijah fought with the priests of Baal, and then hid in a cave Stella Maris (Star of the Sea). Above the entrance to the monastery of Carmelite weighs coat, where the background of the traditional shield, Mount Carmel with a cross on top, and above it – the hand with the sword patron and guardian of the Order of Elijah the Prophet and the Latin inscription: “I am jealous for the Lord God of hosts» (III Book . Samuel, Chapter 19: 10)

The German Colony in Haifa

German Colony – one of the unique attractions of Haifa. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs exclusive. The German Colony in Haifa was founded in 1869 by the Order of the Templars, whose members came from Germany to the inhabitants of the Holy Land to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. Currently, the German Colony is considered one of the most popular tourist areas of the city.

The caves of Mount Carmel

The caves of Mount Carmel are included in the list of World Heritage decision of the 36th session of the UNESCO.

The caves are located in one of the best preserved fossilized reefs Mediterranean region. Carmel mountain range, located in the northern part of Israel, on the west by the Mediterranean Sea, HaifaBay and the north meets the ZevulunValley.


The park Utopia where thousands of orchids and tropical plants in the conditions that follow the tropical climate. The variety of birds complement the tropical atmosphere. In the outdoor garden park Utopia is the reservoir with musical fountains, flowerbeds around, swim in the pond goldfish and turtles. In the tropical forest grow about 20,000 different species of orchids, various tropical and even carnivorous plants.