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Recommendations for patients

Recommendations for patients:

    Previously patient must send to the tourist company “BEST TOURS ISRAEL” extract from medical history and report on the state of health of the attending physician attesting to the absence of a contraindications in the patient in to treatment at the Dead Sеа;

    On the basis of this conclusion, a medical specialist from clinic at the Dead Sea is developing the necessary treatment and tourist company “BEST TOURS ISRAEL” sends a description of the patient and the cost of the recommended course;

    The patient pays only the pre-hotel accommodation, and a course of treatment – on the spot, based on the final correction of the course of treatment after examining the patient’s doctor – a specialist from clinic at the Dead Sea.

Indications for treatment

The main method of treatment at the Dead Sea is climate-therapy, that is treatment with natural factors, in accordance with the prescribing physician. All of these elements – sunlight, salty water, thermo-mineral pools, mud, dry and clean air – provide a high effectiveness of prevention and treatment of diseases such as:

  •     various skin diseases: psoriasis, arthropathic psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, fungal infections, acne, lichen planus, and others;
  •     diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthropathy, chronic arthritis and polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis and arthritis, joint damage, and others;
  •     respiratory diseases: asthma, chronic bronchitis;
  •     chronic pneumonia, lung, and other occupational diseases;
  •     nervous system disorders: neuroses, neuralgia, neuritis, stress, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome;
  •     endocrine diseases: obesity, cellulite, alopecia;
  •     drug addiction;
  •     chronic fatigue syndrome.

Contraindications to treatment

Treatment at the Dead Sea is not recommended for pregnant women and patients with the following diseases:

  •     epilepsy, schizophrenia
  •     Parkinson’s disease
  •     myocardial infarction (two months prior to arrival)
  •     stroke-barred 6 months (not less than six months prior to arrival)
  •     hypertension stage 3
  •     respiratory failure stage 2-3
  •     acute infectious diseases
  •     AIDS
  •     pulmonary tuberculosis
  •     renal and hepatic failure
  •     с    pemphigus
  •     lupus erythematosus

Patients receiving cortisone drugs in any form (ointments, tablets), should cancel their appointment two months before arrival, or the Dead Sea may occur worsening of the disease and the treatment will be less effective.