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Features of treatment at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, formed over two million years ago, is located at the bottom of fracture at a depth of 400 m below sea level. This place has the highest atmospheric pressure on Earth and the oxygen content is 15% higher this index on the Mediterranean. The salt concentration is 30%, so there is practically no life and it is impossible to sink. Along the shores of the Dead Sea are a large number of thermal springs and mud. Ein Bokek – it is a hotel-tourist complex, well-known balneological resort where you can just relax, relieve fatigue and improve health by spa procedures in the numerous hotels of different categories. The special climatic conditions of the Dead Sea can effectively treat a number of diseases under the supervision of specialists renowned clinics, located in Ein Bokek. Further south, near the Dead Sea, lies the city of Arad, known for its unique clean and dry air, which contributes to the successful treatment of asthma.

Features of the Dead Sea:

Medicinal properties of the Dead Sea are due to the peculiarities of the region:

  • 330 sunny days a year, which is so important for the treatment of many skin diseases. In this case, patients can stay in the sun up to 8 hours a day in a healthy way, as exactly at the Dead Sea, thanks to the natural air filter depth of more than 400 m, delayed “hard” part of the ultraviolet radiation. This is what constitutes a danger to humans, as causes burns to the skin, excessive sunburn, provoking the risk of skin cancer.
  • environmentally clean and dry air enriched in oxygen and a saturated light ions of iodine, bromine, and other elements;
  • water of the Dead Sea, which has no analogues in the world, with a high (33%) concentration of dissolved minerals and elements, such as the salt concentration in the Mediterranean Sea is only 3%;
  • mudrich in mineraland organiccomponents.