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Excursions in reserves and parks in Israel

Parks and nature reserves of Israel keep the diversity of the Israeli Nature and ancient records of history. In Israel they are many. Here are some of them.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve Around this very low and the saltiest water body in the world, strangely enough, always bubbling with life. You will see this by visiting the oasis of Ein Gedi. Lush greenery and crystal waterfalls side by side here with majestic lifeless rocks. Through the nature reserve of Ein Gedi flows four streams: David, Arugot, Shulamit and Ein Gedi. The reserve is rich in flora and fauna, in sharp contrast with the surrounding desert. Here are the Nubian ibex, wolves, red fox, Afghanistan fox, striped hyena and leopard, listed in the Red Book. Medicinal plants Ein Gedi were known since ancient times.  3001
Qumran National Park In the northern part of the west coast of the Dead Sea lies Qumran – a place where was made the most important archaeological find of humanity – the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Qumran manuscripts. In the archaeological excavations of the park are the central complex of Qumran, their water system and the caves where the famous manuscripts were hidden. Meaning of the Dead Sea is not only to confirm the authenticity of the texts of the Old Testament, but also in understanding the origin of many Christian ideas and texts, the Apocalypse, and the Essenes surprising prediction of the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem, and the fact that their manuscripts will be found through 2,000 years when again there in the land the Jewish state. 3002
Grottoes Rosh Hanikra Grottoes Rosh Hanikra geological formation in northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon. Caves are limestone caves formed by leaching of rocks from the mountains of Rosh Hanikra. To facilitate the access of tourists to the grotto in the rock was pierced gallery viewing a total length of about 400 meters, which offers scenic views of the whole northern coast of Israel. The complex is equipped with a cable car to facilitate the descent from the mountains to the tunnels. 3003
Mitspe Ramon Canyon Ramon Crater largest of its kind, one of the five craters of the Negev desert, is a unique natural phenomenon. Is assumed that the crater formed in the internal erosion of soft rock layers below the upper harder. In the center of the crater was previously mountain that no longer exists. The length of the crater is about 40 km, the maximum width of 9 km and a depth of about 400m. At the edge of the crater is the town of Mitzpe Ramon. 3004
Avdat National Park

Avdat was a central city on the Nabatean trade route from Petra and the port of Gaza. The excavation of the Acropolis is located at an altitude of 655 meters above sea level and has a breathtaking view of the surroundings from a height of 80 meters. At the site of the city there are the national park and tourist center for visitors. Here are preserved evidence of a residential area of the city, churches, military bases, baths and pools, Winepress for making wine from grapes and agricultural terraces. In 2005, the park was declared a World Heritage UNESCO.

Archaeological Park Zippori Six kilometers from Nazareth is one of the best national archaeological parks – Zippori. Here you can see the remains of a giant Roman theater, burial caves, the ruins of the Crusader fortress and the famous mosaic, known as the Mona Lisa of the Galilee. The giant underground waterworks, built in the first century AD amaze with the art of engineering and sizes. 3006

Ceasarea National Park

Caesarea – the residence of the Roman procurators.

When we get there, we will see that this city met all the requirements of the ambitious King Herod. Remains of the palace and the Hippodrome, the Roman Baths and the port, and of course, the jewel of the national park Caesarea – Roman theater, where even today concerts and opera performances. During excavations in Caesarea was found a stone slab carved with her ​​name of Pontius Pilate. The Crusaders also have not ignored this port city. It is said that this is where they kept the famous Holy Grail and it is here taken her to Europe.

Tel Dan Nature Reserve Tel Dan Nature Reserve – one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Israel, which runs the deepest river in Israel – Dan. The nature of the reserve particularly picturesque: tall trees, shady paths, many ponds and creeks, flowering shrubs and glades. In the reserve are many hiking trails that pass by the ruins of the ancient Canaanian city Lish, triple-arch gate of Canaan and ancient mills. The city Lish was found only one of its kind, in addition to the biblical lines, the mention of King David. Next to the Tel Dan Nature Reserve is a museum of archeology, flora and fauna – the house Osishkina. 3008
Beit Shean National Park Beit Shean – one of the most ancient cities. In the Greco-Roman period, the city was called Scythopolis. In Roman times the city has reached its peak and was part of the ten major cities (“Decapolis”), the eastern Mediterranean. In the VIII century, the city was completely destroyed by the earthquake. Today in Beit She’an is one of the most important archaeological centers. Here are preserved amphitheater, baths, stables and the ruins of a Byzantine church ..
Tel Megiddo National Park Armageddon – is a giant fortress and the city, built by King Solomon, it is mentioned in the First Book of Kings 9:15. Armageddon is known in Hebrew as Megiddo. In Revelation Megiddo is mentioned as a place of “final battle”. In Megiddo to visit the excavations of Solomon stables and forts, as well as excavations 26 layers of civilizations. 3009
National Park Achziv Achziv – an important Phoenician port, a fortified town on the road from Acre to Antioch. In the days of the Second Temple here was a thriving Jewish community in the city. This place was later fortified city of the Byzantines, and later Crusader fortress. Today, the National Park Achziv considered one of the best beaches on the northern coast of Israel, which is located on the border with Lebanon. 3010