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Desert Tours

Nothing can compare with viewing the sunrise over the desert dunes while astride a camel’s hump.This is just one of the extraordinary pleasures of the Negev and Judean Desert. The desert has an ancient history, it seems that the changes are negligible with similar color and never ending reaches. Our job is to discover all the hidden corners and present the desert as you would have never expected. Ancient civilizations that were part of thedesert many years ago have left their mark and their legacy lives on in many ways that we will introduce to you on foot, jeep tours, cycling and from the air.At your service is a professional and experienced team and varied tourist services: – Qualified guides from the Ministry of Tourism that are among the best in Israel – Professional drivers in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle – Hotels of all levels of accommodation, hospitality at kibbutzim, sleeping at Bedouin tents, ecological mud huts – Adventure tourism at all levels – Meetings with farmers, ecologists, researchers, etc. – Special tours by area of ​​interest, gourmetculturehistory, etc. – Medical tourism, including treatment and medical counseling – Nature and experience tours – Private events for families and companiesOur trips are adjusted for the amount of people looking to experience the desert and the possibilities that are latent in it. Starting from one person to big groups of tourists, who enjoy the one-time experience that we have created for them.Do you know what marl is? Have you ever seen a Tristram’s Starling? Have you smelled moss? Our tours will acquaint you with the sights, animals, colors and wonderful smells of the world’s most special area. Desert honeymoon: The breathtaking sites and the hidden gemstones of the desert are a red carpet for a unique romantic experience that is surpassed by none.
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