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Bethlehem – one of the oldest cities in the world, based around the XVII-XVI century BC. The name Bethlehem is translated from Hebrew as “house of bread.”

Bethlehem is located 8 kilometers south of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Authority, on the banks of the Jordan River. In Bethlehem, according to the Gospel, was born Jesus Christ, and, in addition, was born and was anointed king David.

Bethlehem – the holy city for Christians, the second in importance after Jerusalem,

In the center of Bethlehem is located basilica built over the place the Nativity of Christ. Nativity cave is an underground temple of basilica, built by Queen Helena and completed in the 6th century by the Emperor Justinian. Basilica the Nativity of Christ – the only church in the Holy Land, not destruction for 14 centuries.

After a little low door pilgrims enter the basilica with its typical Byzantine colonnade. Opposite the entrance rich iconostasis of the central Greek temple; mosaic are only in some places on his walls. Solea significantly raised, under it there is the cave the Nativity of Christ – St. Vertep, the entrances to which are by the right and left from the altar. The right wing of the temple with a right descending into the Vertep belongs to the Orthodox, the altars are located to the left belongs to the Armenians and Syrians.

St. Vertep scene lit only by oil lamps. Place under the Orthodox Christmas Throne indicated silver star with the inscription: “Here of the Virgin Mary Jesus Christ was born.”

On the right side from the Stars three steps lead to a covered marble niche: manger’s Christ.

There is a Catholic altar Adoration for the Magi in this place.

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