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Acre – the pearl of history, an exceptional combination of East and West, past and future.

Acre, which is one of the hundred wonders of the universe, has been declared by UNESCO in 2001, the town has preserved the world’s cultural heritage. Thanks to the rich historical heritage of Acre, the city became a meeting place of art and of all religious faiths.

Acre is located on the Mediterranean coast in the north of HaifaBay. First name of the city, “Aku” is found on the potsherds 3,800 years ago. In those times, the city was part of Egypt.

In 333 BC Eastern armies of Alexander the Great captured the Mediterranean, and there appeared a Greek colony.

In 143 BC during the Maccabean revolt in Acre was executed leader of the Jewish rebels Jonathan Hasmoneans.

During the period of Roman rule Acre – a major port facility. Herod the Great is often met in Acre with the Roman rulers (Julius Caesar 47 BC). Information about it can be found in the book of Josephus  “The Jewish War”.

During the reign of Emperor Nero in Acre settle the veterans of the Roman army.

In 614 Ptolemida (Acre) was captured by the Persians, and in 640 conquered by the Arabs and called them “Aka” in honor of a certain Muslim saint.

In 1104 the Crusaders captured the city with the help of the Genoese. In Acre, there are areas of Provence and the Pisan merchants, neighborhoods Templer and ion exchangers.

In 1165 Acre visited the famous Jewish philosopher Maimonides.

In 1191 Acre became the capital of the CrusaderKingdom.

In 1271 Acre visited the Venetian merchant Marco Polo.

In 1211, arrived in Acre 300 rabbis from France and England.

In 1267 the Spanish arrived in Acre Talmudic Ramban.

05.18.1291 – Acre captures the sultan of Egypt and the army of the Crusaders forced to flee the city.

In 1517 – Acre, under the authority of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1775 the city authorities to come Ahmad-al-Jazar and Acre turns into a major port on the Levantine coast.

During the 1st World War, British forces captured Acre. Appear outside the home of Akko citadel.

05.17.1948 city was taken by a detachment of “Hagana” commanded Moshe Carmiel.

Since 1980, during the celebration of Sukkot is held in Acre Festival of Alternative Theatre.

On 16.12.2001 the Commission of UNESCO on the World Heritage Acre was included in the list of the world’s outstanding values.

The city has an abundance of historical monuments, which puts it in the center of the tourist map of Israel, which is visited by over a million tourists a year from around the world. The holy sites of the city, attract tourists from all over the world. Acre extends to 12,000 dunams of land. The population is about 52,000 and is composed of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Armenians, Druze and Bahai representative.

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