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Excursions in the Judean Desert

Excursion program through the Judean Desert and the surrounding area of Jerusalem, the first desert monasteries.

Qumran National Park

Qumran National Park

 During a tour of the Judean desert you will visit the monasteries of the Judean Desert, Jerusalem and the surrounding area:

  •      Qumran National Park
  •      Tharan laurel in the national reserve of Ein Prat
  •      National reserve of Ein Prat
  •      The Monastery of St.. George Hozevita
  •      The Monastery of St.. Gerasimos of Jordan near Jericho
  •      Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem
  •      Russian Orthodox Holy Ascension Monastery on Mount of Olives
  •      Russian Monastery of Mary Magdalene
  •      Catholic monastery “Pater Noster” on the Mount of Olives
  •      The Monastery of St.. Peter “Gallikantu Institute” at the foot of Mount Zion
  •      Gorny Russian Orthodox women’s monastery in Ein Karem

The first monastery of the Holy Land is Qumran monastery, from whom came the greatest prophet of the New Testament – St. John the Baptist. At the beginning of the IV century AD the early Christian ascetics went to the Judean desert, and grouped in the monastic communities that have started laurels and monasteries. The conquest of the Holy Land, Muslims led to the destruction and decline of the monasteries.

In XII-XIII centuries Crusaders revived the monastic tradition in the Holy Land. The Crusaders were building a massive fortified castles in inaccessible places, where you can observe the movement of enemy forces.

The modern monastic movement in Palestine has its origins in the second half of the XIX century, when a number of European countries, including Russia, have purchased land for the construction of churches and monasteries. So there were, and still are functioning Italian, Greek, French, Russian and other monasteries. These monasteries are built on the ruins of the ancient Byzantine churches and buildings of the Crusades.