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Excursions along the Mediterranean coast of Israel


Caesarea – the residence of the Roman procurators.

When we get there, we will see that this city met all the requirements of the ambitious King Herod. Remains of the palace and the Hippodrome, the Roman Baths and the port, and of course, the jewel of the national park Caesarea – Roman theater, where even today concerts and opera performances. During excavations in Caesarea was found a stone slab carved with her ​​name of Pontius Pilate. The Crusaders also have not ignored this port city. It is said that this is where they kept the famous Holy Grail and it is here taken her to Europe.

Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Yaakov is a small town, which was taken under the patronage of Baron E. de Rothschild. Baron Rothschild’s famous park, the burial itself Baron and his wife. Visit the wine cellars of Zichron Yakov, the largest not only in Israel but also in the entire Middle East.


We continue our journey through the valley in the beautiful coastal city in Israel – Haifa, located on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The combination of sea and mountain landscape gives it an irresistible charm of Haifa. The once humble fishing village turned into today’s third-largest city in Israel, cultural, industrial and scientific center.


Through the suburbs of Haifa, Krayot, we get to Acre. We will walk with you through the Old City, and the contents of chivalrous novel appear before you in the form of walls, halls of the Grand Masters and secret underground passages. In the 13th century, Acre was the capital of the Crusader Kingdom. Today the Old City Acre on the list of cities under the auspices of UNESCO.

Grottoes Rosh Hanikra

Grottoes Rosh Hanikra geological formation in northern Israel, on the border with Lebanon. Caves are limestone caves formed by leaching of rocks from the mountains of Rosh Hanikra. To facilitate the access of tourists to the grotto in the rock was pierced gallery viewing a total length of about 400 meters, which offers scenic views of the whole northern coast of Israel. The complex is equipped with a cable car to facilitate the descent from the mountains to the tunnels.




Acre, a port of the old town


Grottoes Rosh Hanikra


Haifa, Bahai Gardens