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Caesarea is an ancient city located on the Mediterranean coast.

This place attracts tourists and Israelis to their history, interesting festivals and pageants, which are regularly held here during the holidays, as well as an amphitheater where live music from around the world.


Caesarea – the residence of the Roman procurators. The history of the city dates back to the end of the period of Persian rule in the middle of the 3rd century BC, when the Phoenicians founded a small settlement near the harbor. In ’96 BC Caesarea was captured by the king of Judea, Alexander Jannaeus, and thus transformed into a Jewish settlement. In 63 BC The settlement was conquered by the Roman general Pompey, and then handed over to the Jewish king Herod, who completely rebuilt it and turned into a major port city. So on the Mediterranean coast of the map there was a city of Caesarea. Construction of Caesarea began in 22 before BC. The city was named after the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus.

There was many temples, a theater, a hippodrome, aqueducts and baths in the city. The largest and most significant construction of Caesarea was a port – the largest in the ancient world. Caesarea became the seat of the Roman procurators, after the destruction of Jerusalem – it was a stronghold of Roman rule in Judea.

The basis of the population of Caesarea were mostly pagans, which served as a source of constant conflict. Caesarea became the place of the revolt of the Jews against the Romans, which was brutally suppressed. In Caesarea was executed by one of the spiritual leaders of the Jews – the leader of the Bar-Kochba, and a very revered by Jews Rabbi Akiva.

In Byzantine times, Caesarea became an important Christian center, where were going very well known and respected Bible scholars. But that was a time when maritime trade was valued, not as high as in the days of the Romans. And Caesarea gradually lost its economic and political power. And in the time of the Arab conquest and generally come to desolation.

The First Crusade once again made an important city of Caesarea. Caesarea was strengthened, and for nearly two centuries, was a stronghold of Christianity in the Holy Land. But after the capture of the city by the Mamluks, led by Baybersom, Caesarea was destroyed and all its inhabitants fled.

So until the 19th century the territory of Caesarea was abandoned, and the Turkish authorities have again organized a settlement here. But during the War of Independence, this settlement was abandoned again, and only during the archaeological excavations, which began in 1956, the world has rediscovered the ancient and beautiful city.

Today, Caesarea – is not only a tourist center. It is a place of rest, surrounded by small cafes and restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops. Caesarea visitors wait a magical journey through time, a visual meeting with the historical figures associated with the history of this ancient city.

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