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Rappelling in the desert We are glad to introduce you to the desert and is proud to present a new attraction: Rappelling in the desert! The experience provides a unique opportunity for visitors to get a bird’s eye view of the Israeli desert, exploring the dunes is the beginning of a love affair with the desert environment, and guaranteed to get your adrenaline up. Climb with the best local guides that are certified by the famous Israeli Wingate Institute for physical education and sport. ATVs in the Judean desert For Be prepared for a journey full of adrenaline in the desert on ATV! In our ATV trails, ride through the Valley of Sodom. You will be amazed by the rich  rock formations – you may think that you are on Mars.  JW Tours wants to take the visitor on an unforgettable journey through the lowlands of Mount Sodom in the streams and the dry desert sand and you will get to know the special marl that is in this area in the world. Hear biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, the unique geomorphology of Mount .Sodom which is made of ​​mostly salt. The Wadi occasionally fills up and reminds us of the Africa savannahs and all this with the landscape of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian granite mountains of Moab from  Inside the Dead Sea the visitor will visit an ancient ocean that shaped the face of the region for 800 million years. Bike Tours You can enjoy the views, experience and leave with special memory that will last forever, thanks to the pleasure we have in leading these trips. We also recommend doing it on two wheels with the family or a special someone, to get to know the Israeli health culture(not just the various meals on the menu) and to pass through the ancient sites of the country. Despite looking like Mars theIsraeli desert has a rich history and a vibrant agricultural life, from Neot Square where you will see a settlement in thedesert, to Masada which is a fortress built by King Herod. The Ein Gedi Botanical area has an impressive grouping in theMiddle East, and of course all this against the background of the river, where in this oasis where ibexes and hyraxes travel through, and also one of the most spectacular sights in the world – the Dead Sea. It is a sea of salt where there are many minerals buried within it.. far away from temples and monuments. After a few hours you will visit Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essiene Sect. Ride through the kibbutzim’s quiet groves, and meet people along the way. Experience the special weight of floating in the Dead Sea and snorkel in the water of the biblical Red Sea to relax and unwind. Here the isolation, the magical desert landscape and the stunning night sky ensure a memorable evening of stars. Jordan River &Judea desert monasteries . At morning you will get picked up by a comfortable Transport and a licensed tour guide. Our tour will include an Introduction with the Judea Desert and the shores of the Dead Sea. The guide will show you the caves of ancient times where monks use to dwell on god and matter. The Beginning will be atQumran, where you will find relics of an ancient Jewish settlement from the Roman era; you will get to know the true story of the Dead Sea scrolls. Our purpose is to get you in front of the Jordan River that according to local monks the place where John baptized Jesus, as proof ancient monasteries, the locals calls it Qasr al Yehud. The Earliest churches in the world will tell the stories of this Desert, Know as the Valley of Jericho. With so many people from all Christian faiths come here. Also we will stop at the monastery of saint Gerasimos, a monk that lived with a lion and donkey. Today an active monastery with a remarkable mosaic workshop. We will pass the 1st road that leads to Jerusalem and visit the Jerusalem Suburb “Ma’ale Adumim” there you will visit the Greek Orthodox Church that is in the Monastery of Martyrius, was one of the most important centers of monastic life in theJudean Desert during the Byzantine period. The Arava Desert At morning we will head out south on the 90th road to the Arava Desert which is fascinating and beautiful, and reminds us Africa’s Savannahs’ and the Arabian Deserts both combined. On the way we will learn about the Biblical story of the two Sin cities Sodom and Gomorra and Lot as we pass by mount Sodom that on top of it stands the salt pillar, known as lots Wife. There are many caves here; in one was an office of an English officer. We will pass by the Dead Sea factories that harvest minerals from the evaporation pools and hear of their crucial role at shaping the future of this world wonder. The first part will be at the north of the Arava Desert at Neot Ha’Kikar and learn secrets of putting life at the dead desert at an agricultural farm for dates, fish farming and more of this type of settlement and why it is so famous in the world.At the Exit from the Moshav we will visit the “Spring of Love”, a small Oasis in the desert which according to the locals : “A place where the palm branch fell in love the clear water, and washing your face will get you happiness and love” This attracts Singles and Couples. Our Journey will continue to “Ir Ovot” on that is more unique as a  farm, with more to see, “Crokoloco” Is a Crocodile farm that lives here thanks to tourists that come by hear the amazing story of this family and hold a small baby Crocodile. In this farm there is the most northern Dum Dum Palm. The City was from King Solomon’s Border fort and survived to the roman times as we see it’s towards and bath houses guarding ancient trade routes. The Mango Plantations will be sight for an ending of the day, where we go to lunch at kibutz Hazeva.

We would love to invite you and be your house in Israel Have a great and enjoyable vacation The JW Tours team

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Israel is an incredible country with many varied landscapes and sights for every interest and age. We did all the groundwork for you: we travelled all over the country, visited sites, both commonly known and those that are less frequented, we met people of all ethnicities and religions and heard stories that we have promised not to tell. We also ate at amazing restaurants, on the beaches, on mountaintops and in the shade of palm trees that are the best of the land of milk and honey. What do you like to do? Tell us who you are, what you enjoy doing and what interests you, a little bit about what you like to eat and if you have specific things you would like to do, and let us take it from there. We will plan the ultimate vacation from the moment of arrival up to your departure, if you decide you want to return you have a trained and capable staff and varied tourist services at your service. Certified tour guides- some of the best in Israel Professional drivers in comfortable and air conditioned vehicles Consultation on planning various trips in Israel, Jordan and Egypt • Hotels of all levels Sites and attractions with prior arrangement according to the trip plan • Meetings with artists, intellectuals, researchers, and more. • Specialized theme tours – Gourmet, culture, history, etc. • Adventure tours, starting with jeeps up to parachuting in the desert We strive to be up to date and be in step with technology. We are available and active in all social networks and are happy to offer information and knowledge to all the tourists that arrive in Israel in a manner that is comfortable for them. We ensure that every client will be accompanied from the moment of initial contact up to departure from Israel with personal service, accessibility and affordable prices. Our tourists include families of all ages and types, businessmen, company and executives, honeymooners, small groups with a common interest, etc.

Daily Tours. Israel is an incredible country with many varied landscapes and sights for every interest and age.

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